[quake2] Q2 Max Working

zakk zakk at timedoctor.org
Mon Jun 17 19:49:07 EDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 19:28, Brendan Burns wrote:
> > Can I put this in the installer?
> I think so, he's releasing the binaries and source from his site, and
> quake2 is GPL so he's required to let us make changes and redistribute
> so it should be fine.  (of course we might want to tell him that we're
> doing it... I'll do that.) and make sure that he's credited in the
> README,etc.
> --brendan 
Okay, I'll put that into the 0.13 installer, along with ctf and
(hopefully) the missionpacks.
zakk at timedoctor.org

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