Q2 Max Working

brendanburns at attbi.com brendanburns at attbi.com
Sat Jun 15 13:51:28 EDT 2002

Well, I've got the q2 max effects working.  Check out the
latest version in CVS and set BUILD_QMAX to YES.  
The one bug I see is:
When you giblitize someone, it's doing some alpha effect
(fog maybe) that slows my machine down to a crawl.  I
suspect that my hardware just doesn't support it.  But if
someone else could check it out on newer hardware and
insure that it works, that'd be great.

As before "make clean; make" after changing BUILD_QMAX. 
Let me know what people think, and thanks to mental for
pointing this mod out!  (I think it looks pretty slick)


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