[quake2] Q2 Max Working

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at gmx.de
Sat Jun 15 14:18:38 EDT 2002

brendanburns at attbi.com wrote:
> As before "make clean; make" after changing BUILD_QMAX. 
> Let me know what people think, and thanks to mental for
> pointing this mod out!  (I think it looks pretty slick)

doesn't compile here:

gcc -Wall -pipe -Dstricmp=strcasecmp -DHAVE_IPV6 -DQMAX -DJoystick -O2 -ffast-math -funroll-loops -malign-loops=2 -malign-jumps=2 -malign-functions=2 -g -DLINUX_VERSION='"3.21+rCVS"' -fPIC  -o releasei386/ref_gl/gl_draw.o -c src/ref_candygl/gl_draw.c
In file included from src/ref_candygl/gl_draw.c:23:
src/ref_candygl/gl_local.h:53: warning: `TWOTHIRDS' redefined
src/ref_candygl/../client/ref.h:260: warning: this is the location of the previous definition
In file included from src/ref_candygl/gl_local.h:39,
                 from src/ref_candygl/gl_draw.c:23:
src/ref_candygl/qgl.h:484: parse error before `0x84C0'
make[1]: *** [releasei386/ref_gl/gl_draw.o] Error 1

GL_TEXTURE0 and GL_TEXTURE1 are already defined in some system wide
header file. This is probably the reason why they are called
QGL_TEXTURE0 and QGL_TEXTURE1 in ref_gl.


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