[quake2] Questions about Quake2 and Solaris :-)

Steve paradox at enterprise.tanabi.org
Fri Jun 14 13:39:49 EDT 2002

> Let me guess... You're using CDE and dtwm? If you're using dtwm, go to
> Desktop Controls and set "Point in Window to Make Active" in the "Window
> Style manager".. Or if you're using some other window manager and you have
> to click in the window to give it focus..It's actually a window manager
> issue but I guess that the X11 windowing code in quake2 could perhaps be
> made to tell the window manager to give us focus (ICCCM, perhaps?).. Anyone
> else seen that under Linux/X11 and has a fix? If you could set your window
> manager to auto-focus, I guess that this would fix it but auto-focus vs.
> manual focus is a very personal matter of taste (I personally pick
> auto-focus without auto-raise).

	Nope, I'm using VTWM.  It's ugly, but I've used almost every
window manager on the planet and it's the only one that consistantly makes
me happy ;-P  And it's a point to focus thing, it's just when the window
hoarks the pointer, the window manager no longer points to focus.  Or
something like that :-)

> Pretty much the same than for my Creator3D.. I think there's a version of
> the Elite3d m6 that works on an Ultra2.. so perhaps one day I will come
> across one of these at a reasonnable price and get it...

	Yep, both the M4 and M6 fit in an Ultra2 -- though I'd really like
to see what the M6 looks like ;-)  It's a double-decker card for the tower
cases, I'd imagine it would take up most if not all of your lower level
sbus slots.

	M4, according to sun propoganda, is 2x a creator3D in performance.
Honestly, I don't think that's true.  Maybe with specific applications
where it was specifically designed to be 2x a creator 3D it is :-)

	M6, according to the propoganda, is 4x to 6x a creator3D.  So I
think that would *probably* be enough for a happy Quake2 experience :-)
It looks like it's basically a daughterboard to the M4 with extra parallel
pudding going on or something.

> Well, professionnal graphics cards are fun for Gaming too.. I just replaced
> my Sgi VR7 (Sgi-enhanced Quadro2 Pro card) by a Quadro4 750XGL at home on my
> Sgi IA-32 Linux machine and even if I didn't pick that one for games, it
> surely flies with games.. A tad more expensive than a gaming card, tough..

	That's cool; I used to have an Indigo2 High Impact.  It was okay
for games; I had the texture memory for it, so Quake2 would run decently
at semi-high res.  :-)  LOL I spent far too much money on that High Impact
card just to play Quake2 on that Indigo ;-)

> There was a version of a 64-bit egcs on sunfreeware.. It worked fine for me
> (tm).. I used it to compile sysinfo and scsiinfo on 64-bit machines, might
> work fine on other projects but as I said before, a 64bit compile of quake2
> won't get us anything on sparcv9 since we're already using the optimized
> sparv9/vis routines..

	I got mine from some dude who was handing them out at the street
corner ... No, really, it's the same package that I have, I think :-)  I
needed it to build IPFilter, woooo!

> >
> > 	No problemo; I like to support my platform ;-)  Solaris gaming has
> > always been an interest of mine since I first played Solaris DOOM on a
> > dual 75Mhz SS20 with SX graphics.  ;-)
> Funny.. I also have that: a dual-75Mhz SS20.. but I miss the VSIMM card so
> it's headless.. I only use it to build sparc32/Linux packages anyway..

	8 meg VSIMM for happy 24 bit color isn't terribly expensive.  If I
still had my SS20, I'd use it as an X-terminal for guests heehee :-)

	However, dual processor SS20 runs *FAR* too hot for where I live;
during the summers, the machine would get so hot it will shut itself down.
And year round it would just be hot in general -- I didn't need to turn
the heater on in the winters. ;-)  I actually built a fan device which
strapped two fans to the sides of the processors, to augment the fans in
the power supply.  That actually worked, and the case would even close
with the fans in it (just barely).

	ANYway, talk to you later!


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