[quake2] Questions about Quake2 and Solaris :-)

Vincent Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Fri Jun 14 12:49:57 EDT 2002

Hi Steve,

> 	Yeah, using sdlquake2 fixes the sound problem; not only does it
> not give an error, but you can actually hear sound (or such as it is
> from the lil internal speaker ;-) ).  So I'll just stick with that I
> s'pose :-)

Glad to hear it's working.. Btw, where did you get your SDL from?
Self-compiled or from the CD I mentionned? Just so I know...

> Something I noticed as I was testing this, is if _windowed_mouse is set
> to 1 at start up, the Eterm which I start quake with retains the focus
> even though the quake window has the mouse ;-)  No big deal, easily
> worked-around, but you may want to make sure the thing grabs keyboard
> when it grabs the mouse.  (this is probably a general, non-Sun-specific
> thing.  There's even a vague chance I could fix this, I'll look into it
> later)

Let me guess... You're using CDE and dtwm? If you're using dtwm, go to
Desktop Controls and set "Point in Window to Make Active" in the "Window
Style manager".. Or if you're using some other window manager and you have
to click in the window to give it focus..It's actually a window manager
issue but I guess that the X11 windowing code in quake2 could perhaps be
made to tell the window manager to give us focus (ICCCM, perhaps?).. Anyone
else seen that under Linux/X11 and has a fix? If you could set your window
manager to auto-focus, I guess that this would fix it but auto-focus vs.
manual focus is a very personal matter of taste (I personally pick
auto-focus without auto-raise).

> Unfortunately GLX isn't fast enough to be playable at 512x384.  It's
> close, but oh well.  So sad :-)  XIL is certainly the fastest, and the
> largest if the screen's expanded with it.  If I had an Elite3d M6, it
> would probably be fast enough; but the M4 probably isn't terribly
> useful for anything other than the little "Elite3D" nameplate on the
> front of the machine to make it look impressive ;-)

Pretty much the same than for my Creator3D.. I think there's a version of
the Elite3d m6 that works on an Ultra2.. so perhaps one day I will come
across one of these at a reasonnable price and get it...

> 	It's funny how graphics cards are.  I'm sure that monster is great
> for something, and some industry would rather have that then all the
> GeForce3's in the world.  But gaming requires it's own thing. :-)

Well, professionnal graphics cards are fun for Gaming too.. I just replaced
my Sgi VR7 (Sgi-enhanced Quadro2 Pro card) by a Quadro4 750XGL at home on my
Sgi IA-32 Linux machine and even if I didn't pick that one for games, it
surely flies with games.. A tad more expensive than a gaming card, tough..

> 	Heehee, okay, that's what I figured.  Hense why I didn't try it.
> Well, that, and I don't really trust the funky GCC 64 bit compiler I
> currently have .... ;-P

There was a version of a 64-bit egcs on sunfreeware.. It worked fine for me
(tm).. I used it to compile sysinfo and scsiinfo on 64-bit machines, might
work fine on other projects but as I said before, a 64bit compile of quake2
won't get us anything on sparcv9 since we're already using the optimized
sparv9/vis routines..

> 	I tell ya what, www.libsdl.org definitely doesn't like to
> advertise it's sun support ;-)  It's mentioned in passing as a third
> party port or something. ;-)  ANYway, I actually did try that yesterday
> as already mentioned and it works.  I did it with the latest SDL-1.2
> off their site.

Great.. I can confirm that SDL-1.2.3 (and previous versions) run fine on
both Sparc/Solaris and Sparc/Linux (I used SDL-1.2.2 on an Ultra1 with RH6.2
to fix the Sparc/Linux port of Quake2).

> 	No problemo; I like to support my platform ;-)  Solaris gaming has
> always been an interest of mine since I first played Solaris DOOM on a
> dual 75Mhz SS20 with SX graphics.  ;-)

Funny.. I also have that: a dual-75Mhz SS20.. but I miss the VSIMM card so
it's headless.. I only use it to build sparc32/Linux packages anyway..

Have a nice week-end, all.. :)


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