[quake2] quake2 eye candy question

Nicolai Haehnle prefect_ at gmx.net
Thu Jun 13 10:56:42 EDT 2002

Am Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2002 16:41 schrieb Brendan Burns:
> Since both the GLX and SDLOpenGL drivers use (mostly) the same OpenGL
> code, I think it would be possible to build ref_eycandyglx and
> ref_eyecandysdlgl.  So if you are using SDL and OpenGL you could have
> the ey-candy, otherwise you are back with the basic SDL software
> renderer and no candy ;-{

I'm a lurker really, but I think I'll throw my 0.02 euro in because one point 
is missing in this debate...

What about simplicity? *nix people (including me at times) seem to enjoy 
adding thousands of options, but this hopelessly overwhelms "normal" people.

I mean, is there an actual difference between say glx and sdlgl as far as the 
quality of the output is concerned? Is there anything glx can do that sdlgl 
can not do or vice versa? Somebody who's new to this quake 2 base will 
probably be quite confused as to which target they should choose. Adding more 
will just make it worse.
IMHO it would be best to kill some of the targets off and keep e.g. sdlsoft, 
sdlgl and eyecandysdlgl (another combination is possible of course) unless 
there are technical arguments against this. It will certainly make things 
clearer for people.


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