[openbox] using openbox with HiDPi display

Jim Rees jim at rees.org
Wed Oct 24 07:48:56 EDT 2018

ohnonot-github at posteo.de wrote:

  OK it seems you're confusing bitmap and scalable fonts and different font notations now.
  If Emacs supports scalable you should use it (at least on hidpi).
  So try the example given.
  If droid isn't installed, install it, or use something else if you feel you're confident with the notation.
  I repeat: misc fixed is NOT scalable!

I already told him to use scalable fonts. I guess he didn't like that idea.

I would normally agree that misc fixed is not scalable, but he says it's
scaling for him in his terminal application. My guess is that his terminal
is doing something special, and he will not be able to get emacs to do the
same thing.

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