[openbox] confusing focus

Jim Rees jim at rees.org
Sun Jun 10 07:38:23 EDT 2018

I've been using xterm for decades, and openbox for years, and have never
seen this. I suspect it's some sort of interaction between xterm and
openbox. Xterm has no mailing list or bug tracking system. Your options are
to debug it yourself or email the xterm author.

I would start by turning on xterm tracing for X events. See the code in
misc.c, particularly around do_xevents(). If the problem is not reliably
reproducible this could be tedious.

The xterm author is a reasonable and friendly guy, and responsive to
email. He is unlikely to debug this for you but he might have some

Also go through the xterm change log. There have been a few cursor and focus
related changes recently. Do you use reverse video? If so there was a cursor
visibility bug in xterm 330. What version of xterm are you on?

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