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Tue Apr 7 04:06:17 EDT 2015

On 04/07/2015 10:45 AM, Alexey Korop wrote:
> Dana Jansens wrote on 06.04.2015 21:52:
>   AK>     In my config are defined 16 keybinds with ShowMenu action.
>   AK> I want show all these menus at the screen center. Now I must in
>   AK> each of this 16 keybinds write
>   AK>  <position> <x>center</x> <y>center</y> </position>
>   AK>  May I somewhere write this only once without ugly
>   AK>  copypasting?
>   DJ> There may be some XML tricks you can do. I'm not familiar with
>   DJ> any though, sorry.
>    In other word, openbox config don't allow define this. It is strange a
> bit. There is a highest level option <middle> and there is the lowest
> level option <position> inside the ShowMenu action but there is no
> middle level options.
excuse me, but what are you raving on about?
it *is* possible, if you define it for each instance.
and why is copy-pasting "ugly"?
>    I think it is sane to add in the <keyboard> section new option
> <ShowMenuPosition> that define the default menu placement for all
> keybinds. Natural in each ShowMenu action may be defined own position as
> now.
a new option, just to avoid typing and learning how to use your code editor?
so, user-friendliness in exchange for lightweightness. i see where this 
is going.
just a hundred more requests like this and we're up there with unity & kde.
>    In my case:
>    <keyboard>
>      <ShowMenuPosition>
>         <x>center</x> <y>center</y>
>      </ShowMenuPosition>
>      ...
>    </keyboard>

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