[openbox] Default ShowMenu position

Alexey Korop akorop at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 05:41:58 EDT 2015

TT пишет 07.04.2015 11:06:
 T> a new option, just to avoid typing and learning how to use your
 T> code editor? so, user-friendliness in exchange for
 T> lightweightness. i see where this is going.
 T> just a hundred more requests like this and we're up there with
 T> unity & kde.

    A strange style of the technical discussion...
    Just <position> is the NEW option in ShowMenu, but openbox not
change into KDE.
    This option has some imperfections and the best time to point out
this is now, before the 3.6 release.

Yours truly Alexey

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