[openbox] 'import' & 'import -frame' - Doing The Samething In Openbox?

Sébastien ml at terranean.eu
Fri May 2 03:47:42 EDT 2014

Le 2014-05-01 à 16:56, E R a écrit:
> Someone helped me in the past create shortcut keys for taking a screen
> shot, but the first two command are doing exactly the same thing if I
> run them at the terminal, so I don't understand why I need either the
> first one 'import' or 'import -frame'

I just tested on xfce4-terminal with ImageMagick 6.7.7, it worked as
expected for me: the -frame switch did include the wm frame in the
screenshot and not using it left it out.

> Well the thing is, just using 'import' by itself I have the window
> manager frame also, so I'm lost here and need someone to please
> explain if I need all three?

It shouldn't be much a problem as long as it works, unless you want to
figure it out for the sake of solving the issue. Just in case, you
might want to use the switch, even if both work for you.

If however you *don't* want the frame, try to troubleshoot the issue
by, for example, checking if you're using aliases that would include
the -frame switch, or use the command as a new user to see if the
problem persists.

You need the keybindings depending on *your* needs. Try each of them,
then keep/remove the ones you need/don't need.


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