[openbox] [Patch] Least overlap placement

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Thu Jun 2 12:23:01 EDT 2011

On Thu, 02 Jun 2011 14:58:14 +0200
David Vogt <dv at adfinis.ch> wrote:

David>  Hehe. Actually, this is not far from the truth. I did change
David> that code, but didn't realize that the return type of pick_head()
David> changed from 3.4 to master, so my attempt to "fix" it resulted in
David> the code above.
David>  The return type changed from Rect** to Rect*. Being awake now,
David> the change is simpler than I thought last night. See the attached
David> patch :)

Thanks for your help!

To my naked eye, it looks like the Rect* returned by pick_head() could
leak, but I haven't inspected the rest of place.c in git head, maybe it
is static or something.

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