Using OpenBox under Xorg 7.3 has a Problem with a Key Binding

Andreas Herz ukf-deadly-tiger at
Thu Nov 22 12:51:48 EST 2007

Hi i use OpenBox on several Systems. On some, i upgraded to Xorg 7.3 and
found a interesting problem. I use the vi key bindings, mentioned on the
openbox page. I have these entries in my .config/openbox/rc.xml:

 <keybind key="W-A-comma">
      <action name="ToggleMaximizeHorz"/>
      <keybind key="W-A-period">
      <action name="ToggleShade"/>

W-A-comma works under xorg 7.2 and 7.3, but W-A-period doesn't work
under 7.3, although the other bindings where i use "period" work. I
can't understand what's the fault. This is the only thing that keeps me
away from switching my productive system to 7.3. So maybe anyone has a hint.

I use Gentoo ~x86 and OpenBox Version 3.4.4


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