[openbox] Refugee

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Wed Jul 11 16:45:16 EDT 2007

On 7/11/07, Folderol <folderol at ukfsn.org> wrote:
> This is one thing my suggestion would take care of. At present I have
> edited my fav. theme directly to increase borders to 3 pixels. This
> works, but of course increases the width of *all* borders and makes the
> theme look a bit clunky. I would like to see actual defined, themeable,
> drawn edges.

You can also increase the width of the sides without increasing the
top/bottom with this:


But I think that maybe some more work needs to be done to make it
easier to make that look good.

As to adding pixmaps and the like.. probably not, in the near future
anyways.  The *box-look themes are one thing that really sets Openbox
apart from others.  It's so simple to make a theme, no editing and
matching of random xpm's or whatever.

However, I would like to extend the theme format more to allow more
flexibility in ways that preserve its clean look-and-feel.  There are
numerous ideas people have contributed, some with and some without
code.  The ones with code have I think all been merged in some fashion
by now..


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