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Brandon Cash brandoncash at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 08:48:47 EST 2006

> it is a universally accepted FACT that all projects need a planet, i
> will go into why later.
I don't know what a "planet" is, but I'm assuming it's just a collection 
of articles/blog postings/whatever else one can think of about openbox?

> it is also true, that a planet without people (or robots) is a pretty
> boring place, unless you are a geologist, or whatever, but then if you
> were there to 'geologise' or whatever then you would be people, so i
> think Heidegger had a point about that, Dasein, i believe? well i don't
> know...
I'm not sure what drugs inspired this paragraph, but you may want to 
stop using them. :)

> i think i got a little off canter there, so look, everyone on this list
> has at least a passing interest in openbox, it is now you must stand up
> a be counted. So if you happen to be some awesome person who maintains,
> obmenu, obconf or just some dork who makes themes or whatever then you
> people must have a muse, a muse that must be given a voice! i say this
> to you, blogs are stupid, there are too many of them, no one cares that
> your aunt's pet died, hang on.
Those on this list are few, while openbox followers are.. less-few.  So 
if this were to go anywhere, you'd need to appeal to the entire openbox 
audience, which would mean support from Mikachu to use the page.

> So "why even bother?" i hear you ask, or frantically type. Well, i think
> a planet will be an excellent way to build a community, a strong
> community means more interest and a greater will to get involved, that
> is my opinion anyway. I think openbox is a nifty little thing, i'd like
> to see more people pay attention to it, i'd like people to feel as
> though they are a little part of it. 
Anything that gets more people working on it is something I'll endorse.

> so anyway tim riley has been awesome as ever and together we hope to
> have this donkey on the way to the beach, asap.
Why would a donkey need to go to the beach?  I'm not sure what kind of 
workings actually go into creating a 'planet,' but if you require any 
PHP or XHTML assistance, don't hesitate to ask.

> so i say this: if you have some kind of 'online publishing' thing going
> on that you mention openbox in, or if you just happen to wonder how easy
> it is to set up word press, or you have submitted a patch or you want to
> just basically, i really don't care you had to have your horse put down,
> i don't care if you think your mother doesn't understand your
> 'creativeness', but i do care if you wrote a neat patch for openbox or
> similar and i think other will care too, join our club; you don't get a
> key fob.
> if you want your feed including email me (on or off list) and i will
> make everything good, by hook or by crook.
This sentence didn't make much sense to me, but I'm assuming that you 
just want a collection of RSS feeds?

> watch the skies for pies
I'll do just that.

Brandon Cash
(Probably better known as cai)

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