planet openbox

David Barr david at
Mon Mar 13 17:58:18 EST 2006

it is a universally accepted FACT that all projects need a planet, i
will go into why later.

it is also true, that a planet without people (or robots) is a pretty
boring place, unless you are a geologist, or whatever, but then if you
were there to 'geologise' or whatever then you would be people, so i
think Heidegger had a point about that, Dasein, i believe? well i don't

i think i got a little off canter there, so look, everyone on this list
has at least a passing interest in openbox, it is now you must stand up
a be counted. So if you happen to be some awesome person who maintains,
obmenu, obconf or just some dork who makes themes or whatever then you
people must have a muse, a muse that must be given a voice! i say this
to you, blogs are stupid, there are too many of them, no one cares that
your aunt's pet died, hang on.

So "why even bother?" i hear you ask, or frantically type. Well, i think
a planet will be an excellent way to build a community, a strong
community means more interest and a greater will to get involved, that
is my opinion anyway. I think openbox is a nifty little thing, i'd like
to see more people pay attention to it, i'd like people to feel as
though they are a little part of it. 

so anyway tim riley has been awesome as ever and together we hope to
have this donkey on the way to the beach, asap.

so i say this: if you have some kind of 'online publishing' thing going
on that you mention openbox in, or if you just happen to wonder how easy
it is to set up word press, or you have submitted a patch or you want to
just basically, i really don't care you had to have your horse put down,
i don't care if you think your mother doesn't understand your
'creativeness', but i do care if you wrote a neat patch for openbox or
similar and i think other will care too, join our club; you don't get a
key fob.

if you want your feed including email me (on or off list) and i will
make everything good, by hook or by crook.

watch the skies for pies


p.s. tim my email works, again (also i have a grander (some would say
insane) idea if this does not gleam people...)


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