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Wed Jun 15 14:19:55 EDT 2005

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David Barr wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 09:46 +0100, Neil Bird wrote:
>>Around about 14/06/05 17:51, Holly Bostick typed ...
>>>After some effort, I was able to create a custom GNOME 2.10 session that
>>>replaces Metacity with OB (and doesn't start Nautilus so that desktop
>>>clickthroughs display the OB menu). I even gave it its own GDM *.desktop
>>>file, so I can log into "regular" GNOME if I break something and need to
>>>fix it.
> i have this problem a lot, but because i am lazy (and possibly full of
> shame) i never really mentioned it. gnome is fickle. I do sometimes have
> trouble with the session crap in .local/share/openbox, i tend to
> delete .obs files more than perhaps i should? but this sometimes fixes
> things. gnome-session is not such a hot piece of software i do not
> think, and i try to not lose so much sleep over it. Also the splash is
> notoriously horrid and does not go away when it should, for me at least?
> i use gnome from the --replace and then save the session and i do not
> really have so many problem once i have turned off the awful splash.
>>   I had some grief similar to this (with the latest 'beta') but not 
>>quite the same.  I was test-driving loads of config. changes that borked 
>>the menu & involved continued 'openbox --replace' calls.  These spawned 
>>an exponential (in one case ~30 restarts -> >3000 instances) no. of 
>>'openbox' entries in the session file.
>>   I can only suggest what I did:  once it's up once, log-out, then in a 
>>fail-safe or terminal login, edit the ~/.gnome2/session file to remove 
>>redundant entries and the '--replace' option.
> this too 
> In this vein i have always used openbox, and only ever begun to use it,
> because i liked the idea of blackbox and used gnome but they did not
> play well together. I am going to try and get a tarball of openbox and
> gnomey themes together soon, i have seen some around and i will collect
> as many as i can and post them here if any one is interested?
> operfection is a good example of this: http://nooms.de/?page=openbox
> i have a few like this: http://david.chalkskeletons.com/obg.png
> well *i* think it would be interesting, i don't know what the kids using
> gentoo or ubuntu have done like this? :)
> that is all
> regards
> David
 I too have messed with gnome 2.10 using openbox as the wm and switching
between having nautilus draw
the desktop and not drawing the desktop. Loading times are pathetically
slow and for some off reason the panel
loads even slower and there is always an initial delay in the panel
actually working. For instance if i click on
the applications or locations menu in the panel it takes 5-10 seconds
before it actually comes up.
 As far as the splash screen i just turn it off no reason to have it on.
After messing with for a week or two i
jsut went back to using openbox only, by far IMO the best way for me.
Gnome is just too picky and i really
dont need all the goofy stuff it comes with. Sorry i couldnt be of more
help, just wanted to weigh in with
my expereince with this.

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