[openbox] OB very slow to open over GNOME

David Barr dpb at clara.co.uk
Wed Jun 15 14:06:37 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 09:46 +0100, Neil Bird wrote:
> Around about 14/06/05 17:51, Holly Bostick typed ...
> > After some effort, I was able to create a custom GNOME 2.10 session that
> > replaces Metacity with OB (and doesn't start Nautilus so that desktop
> > clickthroughs display the OB menu). I even gave it its own GDM *.desktop
> > file, so I can log into "regular" GNOME if I break something and need to
> > fix it.

i have this problem a lot, but because i am lazy (and possibly full of
shame) i never really mentioned it. gnome is fickle. I do sometimes have
trouble with the session crap in .local/share/openbox, i tend to
delete .obs files more than perhaps i should? but this sometimes fixes
things. gnome-session is not such a hot piece of software i do not
think, and i try to not lose so much sleep over it. Also the splash is
notoriously horrid and does not go away when it should, for me at least?

i use gnome from the --replace and then save the session and i do not
really have so many problem once i have turned off the awful splash.

>    I had some grief similar to this (with the latest 'beta') but not 
> quite the same.  I was test-driving loads of config. changes that borked 
> the menu & involved continued 'openbox --replace' calls.  These spawned 
> an exponential (in one case ~30 restarts -> >3000 instances) no. of 
> 'openbox' entries in the session file.
>    I can only suggest what I did:  once it's up once, log-out, then in a 
> fail-safe or terminal login, edit the ~/.gnome2/session file to remove 
> redundant entries and the '--replace' option.
this too 

In this vein i have always used openbox, and only ever begun to use it,
because i liked the idea of blackbox and used gnome but they did not
play well together. I am going to try and get a tarball of openbox and
gnomey themes together soon, i have seen some around and i will collect
as many as i can and post them here if any one is interested?
operfection is a good example of this: http://nooms.de/?page=openbox
i have a few like this: http://david.chalkskeletons.com/obg.png

well *i* think it would be interesting, i don't know what the kids using
gentoo or ubuntu have done like this? :)

that is all



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