feh and fullscreen

ivanova flamingivanova at punkass.com
Mon Nov 29 12:21:49 EST 2004

Attached is a diff from the output of xprop for two windows of feh (image

The one window was invoked with the -F option to enable fullscreen. This
window is fullscreen, however the window is not above all other windows/docks.

The other window was set manually to fullscreen with an openbox shortcut key.
This time the window is properly above all other windows.

Is this an issue with feh or openbox? Does openbox not understand the fullscreen
properties properly, or is feh setting the wrong properties?

The leading thief glared at the solid stone that had swallowed Mort, and then
threw down his knife. 'Well, ---- me,' he said. 'A ----ing wizard. I HATE
----ing wizards!' 'You shouldn't ---- them, then,' muttered one of his henchmen,
effortlessly pronouncing a row of dashes.
    -- Terry Pratchett, "Mort: A Discworld Novel"
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