Problem about keybindings with the Windows key

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Tue Nov 30 09:24:43 EST 2004


I'm having a problem with keybindings using the Windows key.
I have the following lines in my rc.xml:
  <keybind key="W-Tab">
    <action name="NextWindow"><linear>yes</linear></action>

Generally, while holding the key combination to switch to the next 
(previous) window what you see are black bold borders of the "new" 
windows, the "old" windows on the background and the dialog.

After I type the "W-Tab" keys combination, if I release the Tab before 
I release the Windows key then I keep on seeing the same image I see 
while holding the key combination to switch between windows.

I have to press Tab once again to complete the switch.

If I change the key combination to "A-Tab" then I don't have this problem.

I believed this was a iBook keyboard only issue but I tried it on my 
P4 desktop and I had the same problem.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.
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