[openbox] xinerama/twinview mplayer fullscreen problem

Joaquin Aguirrezabalaga Espinosa joaquin.aguirrezabalaga at hispalinux.es
Tue Nov 30 13:05:38 EST 2004

El mar, 30-11-2004 a las 04:52 -0800, Marc Wilson escribió:
> On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 10:28:02AM +0100, Joaquin Aguirrezabalaga Espinosa wrote:
> Ah, the missing point.  You could have just SAID you weren't actually using
> Xinerama, you know.

Well, I think you're right. There isn't a problem with xinerama, only
with twinview. I've rewritten the patch and resent it to bugzilla, so it
reflects this.
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