[openbox] theme question

Tim Riley tr at slackzone.org
Tue Jan 20 06:31:43 EST 2004

El mar, 20-01-2004 a las 13:33, John Russell escribió:

<snip needlessly verbose rant about theme engines et al>
> This almost made me wet myself, but then I realized that, come on, there
> just themes.  So anyway, what ever happened to this idea?  The themes as
> they are now seem kinda limited and *clears throught and gets ready to
> duck*  ... dull.  

The idea was dropped.  Probably because the cinelerra project took its
crackpipe back and Ben realised that trying to make openbox a different
window manager for every man and his dog was not a good idea.

The DESIGN/ directory is very outdated.

> Fresh off my warped mouse patch I am all excited to try to code
> something else, but I'm still pretty new at this.  I would like to help
> out with making themes more cooler (yes more cooler).  The engines idea
> sounds promising.

Personally, I'd encourage you to work on something more worthwhile.

Piece out,

- Tim

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