[openbox] theme question

Eric Shattow shadow at serverart.org
Tue Jan 20 09:22:36 EST 2004

I would like to add that I enjoy using OpenBox with the simple themes 
already available.  I do wonder about those gtk themes you see on 
gtk.themes.org with screenshots that show the windowmanager theme 
matched up to the toolkit UI (gtk). Is that a coincidence (separate 
wm/gtk themes with similar look) or is the WM in that case using the gtk 
theme somehow to derive its look?

at any rate I think a fancy cat-in-the-bucket theme engine is serious 
overkill on OB.  what might apply to this project would be a patch and 
compile-time option, and such a thing I would be happy to test and debug.

 - Eric

John Russell wrote:

>I have been a user of ob3 and nothing else for several months now ever
>since my unceremonious dropping of metacity after the infamous "vertical
>maximization" debacle.   I found ob3 superior to metacity in all but a
>few trivial ways, which I mentioned on this mailing list.  All of theme
>were promptly addressed (including my very favorite, the black outline
>of windows while alt-tabbing) by Ben with truly frightening speed. 
>(thanks Ben).
>However, after a few months of puttering around with rc.xml some
>dabbling with the C code and stuff, I got an itch.  The themes.  The
>themes kinda bother me.  They are all more or less the same shape and
>... eh.  You know?  So that got me looking around, where I found the
>DESIGN directory.  It was some talk in there about engines, where there
>could conceivably be infinite flexibility of themes, by building
>different engines.  Some could be written that would parse themes from
>other WM (sawfish, blackbox, metacity, etc.).  So openbox could use the
>superset of all wm themes in the universe.  
>This almost made me wet myself, but then I realized that, come on, there
>just themes.  So anyway, what ever happened to this idea?  The themes as
>they are now seem kinda limited and *clears throught and gets ready to
>duck*  ... dull.  
>Fresh off my warped mouse patch I am all excited to try to code
>something else, but I'm still pretty new at this.  I would like to help
>out with making themes more cooler (yes more cooler).  The engines idea
>sounds promising.  
>Any ideas?

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