theme question

John Russell drjimmy42 at
Mon Jan 19 22:03:49 EST 2004

I have been a user of ob3 and nothing else for several months now ever
since my unceremonious dropping of metacity after the infamous "vertical
maximization" debacle.   I found ob3 superior to metacity in all but a
few trivial ways, which I mentioned on this mailing list.  All of theme
were promptly addressed (including my very favorite, the black outline
of windows while alt-tabbing) by Ben with truly frightening speed. 
(thanks Ben).

However, after a few months of puttering around with rc.xml some
dabbling with the C code and stuff, I got an itch.  The themes.  The
themes kinda bother me.  They are all more or less the same shape and
... eh.  You know?  So that got me looking around, where I found the
DESIGN directory.  It was some talk in there about engines, where there
could conceivably be infinite flexibility of themes, by building
different engines.  Some could be written that would parse themes from
other WM (sawfish, blackbox, metacity, etc.).  So openbox could use the
superset of all wm themes in the universe.  

This almost made me wet myself, but then I realized that, come on, there
just themes.  So anyway, what ever happened to this idea?  The themes as
they are now seem kinda limited and *clears throught and gets ready to
duck*  ... dull.  

Fresh off my warped mouse patch I am all excited to try to code
something else, but I'm still pretty new at this.  I would like to help
out with making themes more cooler (yes more cooler).  The engines idea
sounds promising.  

Any ideas?


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