[openbox] Slow menu drawing

Andy Holmes aholmes84 at shaw.ca
Thu Oct 30 05:56:54 EST 2003

Adam Gent wrote:
> Window Grouping/Glueing/Globbing.
> The idea is as follows: 
> Windows can be grouped by being snapped together (so that they touch, no
> space in between). So once all the windows you want are snapped/glued
> together you can move them as one. Or you could even move the whole group
> to another workspace, or close the whole group. This is like tabs in some
> regards except you can always see the contents of both windows. As desktop 
> space is increased because of larger screens, I think it would be very 
> benificial to the user to be able to group windows together other than 
> just by workspaces.

Interesting idea...but how do you propose to "unglue" a window once it 
has been glued if dragging moves all attatched windows? I expect you've 
come up with this idea with some inspiration from XMMS/Winamp but the 
differnce there is that there is a 'Main' window.


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