Slow menu drawing

Adam Gent agent at
Thu Oct 30 00:35:31 EST 2003

I have noticed that openbox 3 does not draw the root menu as fast as 
openbox 2. If openbox 3 doesn't find all the xml menu files it draws 
even slower. 

Another openbox 2 thing I miss is true window snapping (not window 
resistance) and non-opaque (don't draw contents) movement of windows.

Sorry for the whinning/complaining but will these features ever be added?

I also have a neat feature idea (well in my opinion), that I think would 
be perfect for openbox to add someday (maybe 4.0) is... 

Window Grouping/Glueing/Globbing.

The idea is as follows: 

Windows can be grouped by being snapped together (so that they touch, no
space in between). So once all the windows you want are snapped/glued
together you can move them as one. Or you could even move the whole group
to another workspace, or close the whole group. This is like tabs in some
regards except you can always see the contents of both windows. As desktop 
space is increased because of larger screens, I think it would be very 
benificial to the user to be able to group windows together other than 
just by workspaces.

I have this feeling though some one is going to dismiss this idea because 
of compliance to some standard... but I argue that openbox is going to 
start looking like metacity if there is no innovation...

Other than that I do like how openbox 3 starts up quickly and works with
every pager/taskbar (correctly). All in all great work.... Sorry in
advance if pissed anyone off with my critiscm.

Adam Mathew Gent
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
"I know a thing or two about a thing or two" -- some old man

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