I need help converting my keybindings from epist

Le Roux Bodenstein superhuman at webmail.co.za
Sun Oct 26 15:11:03 EST 2003

I used to run openbox2 with epist. I can't figure out how
to move all of my keybindings into rc.xml format. Currently
I am still running epist. I'm sure that this is unnecessary
and would like to do this the right (openbox 3) way...

The relevant sections from my .epistrc file are these:

Mod1-F1 changeWorkspace 1;
Mod1-F2 changeWorkspace 2;
Mod1-F3 changeWorkspace 3;
Mod1-F4 changeWorkspace 4;
Mod1-F5 changeWorkspace 5;

Control-F1 execute "gnome-terminal";
Control-F2 execute "gnome-panel-control3 --run-dialog";
Print execute "gnome-panel-screenshot";
Mod1-Print execute "gnome-panel-screenshot --window";

The 'changeWorkspace' bits will obviously go into
 <keybind key="A-F1">
    <action name="?"/>

type sections. What are the 'action' names I need?

For all the others I need an 'execute' action. How does
that work?

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