[openbox] gnome-panel PagerApplet hates me.

Le Roux Bodenstein superhuman at webmail.co.za
Sun Oct 26 15:00:46 EST 2003

I have the same problems and I don't really feel like
running a gnome-session. A friend of mine suggested that
after running 'gnome-settings-daemon &' that I try a 'sleep
3' before 'gnome-panel &', because gnome-settings-daemon
probably takes some time to start up during which it
probably does some magic.

I haven't confirmed this yet, because I don't really feel
like restarting my X session right now... :)

But I'm almost sure that it is related to something like
that. I mean - It's not like we start anything else
explicitely that could make it work after openbox takes
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