[openbox] gnome-panel PagerApplet hates me.

Roland Glenn McIntosh roland at steeltorch.com
Fri Oct 17 13:05:44 EDT 2003

>I believe...with 2.4 you need to be running the gnome-settings-daemon. The
>first time you run gnome panel it probably starts it, but too late for the
>pager applet. The second time it would work then. Try running it before the

Hmm, nope, that's not it.  It's probably some obscure component similar to that though.
Turns out I want to put gnome-settings-daemon in there anyway to get the right font size, but it had no effect on anything other than my fonts.  So this is officially not an openbox issue, sorry to have gone OT, but I saw some gnome-panels in the scrots on the site and figured you guys might have a guess.


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