[openbox] openbox 3 comments/questions

Marc Wilson msw at cox.net
Thu Oct 16 22:32:06 EDT 2003

On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 02:12:03AM -0400, poing wrote:
> -obconf ought to have some more features like editing the rc and menu
> files, the xml file format is not very user friendly for manual editing.

Depends on what you're using to do the editing.  Anything decent that knows
what an XML file is will make it easy to make sure the keys match.  It's
just a little time consuming to move from one to the other.  I moved a
large, complex openbox2 menu over to openbox3 in less than a hour, and most
of that was figuring out how to nest menus.

> Having to redo your menu file manually in xml (lacking any conversion
> scripts so far) is gonna put people off trying openbox 3.

Doubtful.  Few people create menus of any significance.  If you think there
should be one, write one.  I thought there should be, then I realized that
there was really no point as it was a one-time thing for myself.  It
wouldn't be all that hard... you could do something that'd work in 10-20
lines of perl or awk.

"When it's time to railroad, people start railroading."
> -I don't like that NextWindow now shows an icon of the window you're
> switching to and you then have to let go for it to switch focus. I much
> preferred the instant focus changing like with openbox2. I think this
> should be an option.

Funny, it *is* a configurable option.  The documentation is your friend.

> -Why can't you move fully maximised windows anymore like you could under
> v2? Why make the user un-maximise before he can alt-drag or titlebar drag
> the window..

If it's fully maximized, where are you planning on moving it to?

> -Can I have the Windows Key on its own trigger an action like show root
> menu? Simply "W" doesn't seem to work..

What does your X configuration *call* the Windows key?  I have plenty of
bindings that use it.  You might have to go so far as to use the actual

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