openbox 3 comments/questions

poing poing at
Fri Oct 17 02:12:03 EDT 2003


I just upgraded from openbox 2.31 (debian package) to 3.0 rc4 (manually
compiled). Some things that come to mind:

-obconf ought to have some more features like editing the rc and menu
files, the xml file format is not very user friendly for manual editing.
Having to redo your menu file manually in xml (lacking any conversion
scripts so far) is gonna put people off trying openbox 3.

-I don't like that NextWindow now shows an icon of the window you're
switching to and you then have to let go for it to switch focus. I much
preferred the instant focus changing like with openbox2. I think this
should be an option.

-Why can't you move fully maximised windows anymore like you could under
v2? Why make the user un-maximise before he can alt-drag or titlebar drag
the window..

-Can I have the Windows Key on its own trigger an action like show root
menu? Simply "W" doesn't seem to work..

Otherwise I'm pretty happy with the new openbox, I use the kde kicker
startbar app and I noticed that the integration with openbox as wm works
better (xmms tracknames are updated in kicker, etc).


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