[openbox] building & restarting

Brett Campbell brett at custom-tech.net
Thu Oct 9 18:49:56 EDT 2003

> Brett, all I do is do "make uninstall" for the old version, configure 
> and make install the new version, and use the "restart" switch in the 
> menu as long as the build goes OK.
> Hope this helps.


This works fantastically. In the meanwhile, i had been looking at the
symlinks in /proc. Because Linux r0xors so much (as some would say),
I could `make uninstall` in the old source tree, with the old window-
manager still running (as a reference to it and its inode still 
existed on disk), and then `make install` in the new source tree and
then restart. Voila!!  Cat'ing the /proc/pid/exe symlink shows the
new executable running.  How sweet is that!!

Thanks for the help.
[ Brett R. Campbell ]
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