[openbox] building & restarting

Matthew Graybosch mgraybosch at starbreaker.net
Thu Oct 9 18:32:15 EDT 2003

Brett Campbell wrote:
> Hey i just tried to join #openbox on freenode but apparently i'm not
> invited ;-)
> Is it possible to replace a currently-running openbox with a newly-built
> one? IOW, i don't want to leave X11. Can i perhaps switch to twm or
> something and then do `make [un]install` and switch back to ob?

Brett, all I do is do "make uninstall" for the old version, configure 
and make install the new version, and use the "restart" switch in the 
menu as long as the build goes OK.

At least, that's what I did before I switched to Gentoo, but the 
principle's the same: you don't have to drop out of X to upgrade 
Openbox. Hope this helps.

Matthew Graybosch
"Religion is a social disease; reason is the only known cure."

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