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Brett Campbell brett at custom-tech.net
Mon Oct 6 15:26:58 EDT 2003

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 11:00:03AM -0400, John Russell wrote:
> So that's where I am now.  Looking for a way to highlight cycled windows
> without disturbing everything by raising them.  The popup window doesn't
> help so much because all of my terms come up as xterm[1] xterm[2] .... I
> still can't tell them apart.  

If you'd like the window-cycling popup dialog to be more helpful in
the meanwhile, you can change the titlebar/icon text to something
more useful (like the CWD or application name: mutt, ettercap, etc).

This is accomplished several ways:

$ xterm -n "Icon Title String" -title "Titlebar String"
$ Eterm --icon-name "Icon Title String" -T "Titlebar String"

You can also change these attributes from within the shell by using
ascii escape sequences similar to:

$ print -Pn "\033]n;foobar\007"    # or something

where 'n' is 0, 1, or 2 and 'foobar' is some useful string.
'0' sets both icon name and titlebar text. '1' and '2' do just the
titlebar text or icon text, respectively (i believe).

It's easier with Perl; something to the effect of:

$ perl -e 'print "\e]0;Make_No_Mistake_Who_I_Am!\a"'

You probably already know this, but this has saved me all the headache
of seeing 'aterm[1], aterm[2]... etc' when looking at window lists.

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