Openbox-3.0-rc2 released

David Philip Barr dpb at
Fri Oct 3 10:43:35 EDT 2003

well a bug that can only be reproduced by you on your machine, under 
non-disclosed circumstances isn't going to effect anyone other than you, but 
when you harp on about it it's going to irritate a lot of people. i think 
this has been established. If you are just going to repeat yourself over and 
over rather than shed light on the situation that is not good bug reporting 

i know the type of focus you are talking about i think it is silly and 
unhelpful, i think it was requested and xor gave a grown up reason for not 
wanting it, i may be be wrong? if you want to throw your dummy out the pram 
about it then fine.
maybe some constructive reasoning why it might be useful in your opinion as 
opposed to saying you 'like it' or 'cause other window mangers have it' may 
help your case, perchance this also may stop you looking bratish, if nothing 
else. i don't think the focus thing is a problem; i think it is a personal 
preference you are masquerading as a problem. 

peace etc. 


> The rox issues aren't fixed in either this openbox release or rox cvs,
> and it is imho a real problem. The issue with focus delay and raise
> delay is the single most annoying thing in openbox3 for me as the way
> i'm used to (focussing immediately, raising after delay) is the way it
> is done in every other windowmanager i've used so far. 
> If you aren't interested in problems a user has, i'll stop reporting
> stuff ... 
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