Openbox-3.0-rc2 released

David Philip Barr dpb at
Fri Oct 3 09:56:22 EDT 2003

Are you saying your past 'complaints' about ROX and openbox were not even 
using CVS? Do you have any idea how wound up someone (and others) got over 
that, with good reason? do you think that by repeating a request that has 
already been reasoned against will make it more valid, or do you think it 
will annoy people more? (i think this is the feature i am thinking of) i am 
unsure what you are aiming to achieve with your mails and 'bug' reports? do 


Arwed von Merkatz writes: 

> Thanks for this release, that fixed all of the focussing issues i had
> with focus follows mouse.
> I'd like to ask again (as others have done before) for a separation of
> focusDelay and raiseDelay for focus follows mouse setups. I want windows
> being focussed immediately when i move the mouse to them, but not have
> them raised until after a delay. 
> -- 
> Arwed v. Merkatz
> Grimoire Guru for video
> Grimoire Guru for xfce
> Sourcemage GNU/Linux

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