[openbox] Menu and UTF-8

Ben Jansens ben at orodu.net
Wed Oct 1 11:27:30 EDT 2003

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 03:07:15PM +0200, Tomas Hellstr|m wrote:
> Is it possible to have UTF-8 encoded entries in the menu?
> I've noticed the <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -thingy in the
> beginning of menu.xml, but all I get when reloading the menu is those
> little "I can't understand this character"-squares instead of my
> japanese characters. Maybe it's a font problem since window-titles which
> is encoded in this way doesn't work either. I have UTF-8 support in
> most other programs (mozilla, gaim etc) and it would be nice to have it in
> openbox too.

All text is rendering using XFT's UTF-8 routines. Afaik, it should work
fine. Your font has to support the characters though. Otherwise, I don't
know what the issue is.

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