[openbox] Fwd: Re: [rox-users] heavy system load onMouseOver panel icons?

Kacper Wysocki kacperw at online.no
Sun Nov 23 22:22:31 EST 2003

> I Sort of was paying attention to this on the rox mailing list i  
> can't get this to happen, i don't have any of the compatibility  
> options checked, nothing untoward seems to happen, i think i have  
> hovered over and changed everything i could think of? i'm using cvs  
> rox and openbox, so i dunno? i'm a little confused at how to  
> reproduce it though still.

Hell, I don't know how to _not_ reproduce it. Here are my options files  
for both ob3(rc.xml) and rox-filer(Options), if you care to see if  
something clicks(not attached due to badwidth blah blah):

I've also made a screenshot. Shot taken just after I moused over the  
panel. Gkrellm is clearly showing 100% usage with X, ROX and Openbox as  
the three cpu-hogging programs.
(Warning: I use Xinerama and I'm too lazy to crop my screenshot..)

My theory is that the problem occurs with some ob3 setting, not a rox  
setting, however.


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