[openbox] Fwd: Re: [rox-users] heavy system load onMouseOver panel icons?

David Barr dpb at clara.co.uk
Sun Nov 23 16:16:25 EST 2003

Kacper Wysocki wrote:

> Hi folks,
> some of us over at the rox-users list have been seeing a rapid 
> increase  in system load when mousing over the rox panel while in 
> openbox3. This  seems to be ob3-only related..
> Here rox is at 40%, X is at ~20% and ob3 is at 10% system load.
> There's something funky about the tooltips. Since some of us are using
> ob3 with no problems, I tried looking at the rox configuration to see
> if any changes might eliminate the problem, but nothing came up.
> I tried some more things. Here's what I found out: When I rollover an
> icon no tooltips come up, and the system load increases dramatically.
> Sometimes I will even see a flickering tooltip, as if it were hiding
> and unhiding a hundred times a second. Now, if I click once on the
> panel (sorta like raising it), tooltips work like expected and there is
> no massive cpu hogging.
> -Kacper

I Sort of was paying attention to this on the rox mailing list i can't 
get this to happen, i don't have any of the compatibility options 
checked, nothing untoward seems to happen, i think i have hovered over 
and changed everything i could think of? i'm using cvs rox and openbox, 
so i dunno? i'm a little confused at how to reproduce it though still.


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