Fwd: Re: [rox-users] heavy system load onMouseOver panel icons?

Kacper Wysocki kacperw at online.no
Sun Nov 23 16:41:56 EST 2003

Hi folks,
some of us over at the rox-users list have been seeing a rapid increase  
in system load when mousing over the rox panel while in openbox3. This  
seems to be ob3-only related..

I know Ben and the rest of the developers don't really use rox too  
much, but I'm hoping someone will take the time to resolve this issue  
for the sake of standards compliance.

Below is (part of) the thread from rox-users, describing the problem in  


On 11/22/03 16:42:25, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
hiebing at onlinehome.de wrote:

I've got the same problem. I'm also using Openbox 3.
> So it's very likely a Problem with Openbox.
> Did you have send a bug report to the openbox people?
> Maybe they can fix it.
> On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 05:51:58PM +0100, Guido Schimmels wrote:
> > Am 22.11.2003 15:22:06 schrieb(en) mhiebing at onlinehome.de:
> >
> > >I forgot to mention that when I activate
> > >'Overide Windowmanager control...'
> > >in the compatibility section of the rox filer options
> > >I don't get this behavior, but after that Openbox
> > >doesn't get all keystroke and mouse events (e.g. Mousewheel).
> >
> > I've tried all compatibility options, but none causes such troubles
> for
> > me.
> > Could you run top in a terminal and look which process goes 100%
> cpu.
> > Is it openbox or ROX-Filer or X or ...?
> >
> X has rhe highest usage with nearly 40 % than ROX-Filer with an
> average 25 % an then Openbox on the third place with about 20 %
Alastair Porter said:
> No probs here with Rox 2.1.0 and OB3.
> i get some cpu usage when the tooltips pop up, but nothing major

Here rox is at 40%, X is at ~20% and ob3 is at 10% system load.
There's something funky about the tooltips. Since some of us are using
ob3 with no problems, I tried looking at the rox configuration to see
if any changes might eliminate the problem, but nothing came up.

I tried some more things. Here's what I found out: When I rollover an
icon no tooltips come up, and the system load increases dramatically.
Sometimes I will even see a flickering tooltip, as if it were hiding
and unhiding a hundred times a second. Now, if I click once on the
panel (sorta like raising it), tooltips work like expected and there is
no massive cpu hogging.

I'm preparing this for posting on the ob list, but just another  
question: what focus models do you use? I use focus-follows-mouse with  
raise only on titlebar click. This, or some other openbox configuration  
could be causing the problem.

Anyone have anything else to add?


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