[openbox] Multi-monitor openbox

Tore Anderson tore at linpro.no
Mon Nov 24 02:53:22 EST 2003

* cyrax at b0rken.dk

> > Looks nice though, I wonder when the Debian maintainer packages
> > obconf...

* Corey Wright

> already packaged, but waiting to be manually added to the archive as
> it's a new package.

  I suspect this will take much longer than usual due to the root
 compromise you've probably heard of.  :/

> you'll also find in that directory an updated menu-method for openbox
> that escapes xml-reserved characters (& < > " ').  this updated
> menu-method should appear in the openbox package sometime.

  Yep, I'll upload a new package as soon as I get my account re-enabled
 and the queue scripts start running again.  It is said everything
 should be back in order on Wednesday, but I don't hold my breath...

Tore Anderson

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