[openbox] Old Menus to the 3.0 syntax?

AthlonRob AthlonRob at axpr.net
Fri Nov 14 19:48:38 EST 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 16:32, Bartosz Oudekerk wrote:
> > they only went back to August.
> >
> August 2002, but I doubt you'd find much on OpenBox 3.0 if you went back much
> further ;-)

Oh.  I didn't even look at the year... maybe I'll go back and hash over
the things again.

> > Well... I'll probably just keep doing what I do with Fluxbox, which is
> > to just run almost everything from a terminal.  I actually checked out
> Which is just as a good a way as any, since I always have them open anyway.
> I do have a full-featured[0] menu, but since I have most apps under short-cuts
> I rarely use it.

That's pretty close to what I was doing in Fluxbox, too...

> > OpenBox because I ran in to reference in the MenuMaker website, after
> > looking for a way to import gnome menus into fluxbox.  I installed
> > gnome-games, but don't know where they went.  <g>
> >
> I remember having that problem to, but I stopped installing anything GNOME after
> I tried installing gno3dtet from source and realised how many dependencies it
> had.

Yeah, they're pretty bad about that... but not (IMHO) as bad as most KDE
apps out there.

> > Thanks for the info.... I'll just wait, and wait... and if nothing
> > appears, I'll look in to doing it myself...
> >
> Writing a conversion thingie you mean?

Yeah.  I wouldn't expect it to be too terribly difficult.  It would just
eat up a sizable chunk of free time while I learned new text
manipulation stuffs.  :-)

> [0] Full featured compared to what I use, I guess it's still pretty slim/small
>     compared to some peoples, especially users of an OS I shan't name
>     *cough*Windows*cough*.

The menu file MenuMaker generated for me came to be 203 lines in
length... this system is really bad.  :-)

That's worse than 'That other OS' usually gets...


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