[openbox] one step rpm build from cvs

Ruslan N. Balkin baron at voices.ru
Sun Aug 24 02:34:17 EDT 2003

On Fri, 22 Aug 2003 14:23:36 -0300 (ART)
Jean-D. Ackle wrote:

> It still dind't work.  And that's because: If I don't
> uninstall Mkd 9.1 original binaries, autoconf 2.13 is
> used/assumed (I tried installing autoconf 2.57 form
> the downloaded source, which became the default
> "autoconf --version", but after rerunning your script,
> 2.13 comes back in).  And if I uninstall those
> binaries, rpm-build has to be uninstalled (even if I
> only uninstall 2.13, as mdk 2.57 needs it for some
> ???.pl file).


Pretty sure this is offtopic, but 'cause I'm running Russian distro ALT
Linux which was somedays based on Mandrake 7.2, I believe this could
help someone on ALT/Mandrake distros. I guess you should try running
update-alternatives--config autoconf(as root) What about automake 1.7, I
have downloaded it, compiled it from the source, and installed with make
install. After that, I've ran update-alternatives --display automake and
added 1.7 automake similar to 1.4 and 1.6 found in my distro (man
update-alternatives). My distro also has an macro for RPM -
%set_automake_version, maybe Mandrake has something like this too. Or
%define _automake or smth. The rest of .spec file you could easily
cut'n'paste from Brian's spec-file.
This is how I use automake 1.7 in my distro (from update-alternatives
--display automake):
/usr/bin/automake-1.7 - priority 40
 slave aclocal: /usr/bin/aclocal-1.7
 slave automakedata: /usr/share/automake-1.7
Current `best' version is /usr/bin/automake-1.7.

Personally I would't recommend installing automake into /usr, only to
/usr/local - at least to see which files will be overwritten in /usr
after make install. Also, you may not run make install at all, and try
using it as Brian did. I'd prefer update-alternatives way. Also you may
get an .src.rpm for your automake-1.6, replace name, version and
source-file and create automake-1.7 rpm, which you could select with
update-alternatives. This will be the most correct way in terms of your
distro :)

WBR, Balkin Ruslan

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