[openbox] one step rpm build from cvs

Jean-D. Ackle jdalinux at yahoo.com.br
Fri Aug 22 13:23:36 EDT 2003

When I saw your e-mail, I thought: "Wow! Sweet..."
(I'm a stranger to CVS, or maybe I should say: CVS is
a stranger to me... Hey! I'm only a sociologist!...).
The problem is, it didn't work.  I'm using Mandrake
9.1, and got an error message saying it needed
autoconf 2.54 or higher.  Mdk 9.1 ships with autoconf
2.57b, but also with autoconf 2.13. If you type (in
mkd 9.1) "rpm -q autoconf" you'll get version 2.13 of
it.  But if you type "rpm -q autoconf2.5" you'l get
I changed your script, because I thought there might
be some weird conflict between GNU's automake and
autoconf source versions and Mandrake's binaries. It's
attached to this mail (hopefully!).  The idea being
that it would include GNU's autoconf 2.57.
It still dind't work.  And that's because: If I don't
uninstall Mkd 9.1 original binaries, autoconf 2.13 is
used/assumed (I tried installing autoconf 2.57 form
the downloaded source, which became the default
"autoconf --version", but after rerunning your script,
2.13 comes back in).  And if I uninstall those
binaries, rpm-build has to be uninstalled (even if I
only uninstall 2.13, as mdk 2.57 needs it for some
???.pl file).
Yes, I tried installing rpm-build from www.rpm.org,
but I found only the most recent, and it went weird. 
I don't remember now if I did install the
corresponding rpm version.  I remember I was long past
my bed time, there were lots of dependencies, some
weird installation with broken links, and stuff like

Anyway, maybe some Mdk user wnats to pick up the
script and make it work or something. 

 --- Brian Craft <bcboy at thecraftstudio.com> escreveu:
> In case someone finds it useful, I'm attaching a
> script which will build an
> rpm from the latest cvs snapshot tarball. I wrote it
> before I discovered that
> alpha downloads were on the "News" page, not the
> "Downloads" page.
> The script grabs the latest tarball and recent
> automake and gettext (which
> are needed on RH9), and builds an rpm with version
> == snapshot date.
> b.c.

Jean-Dominique Ackle
Braga, Portugal
Mandrake Linux 9.1

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