I did not theme the deputy

Tim Riley tr at slackzone.org
Sat Aug 23 09:32:32 EDT 2003

Friends, Romans, Openboxers, lend me your beers,

By now we must all be aware that the fantastic 3.0 version of openbox,
currently in alpha, has broken theme compatibility with previous
versions of the window manager.  So, there are a lot of quality themes
out there just crying out to be ported.

I have done my small effort, updating my own themes as well as ten
others to encompass, embrace, and nearly snog the new features in
openbox3's theme format.  They can been seen and downloaded at
http://openmonkey.com/tr/openbox.php.  I thought that this was worthy of
announcing to the list, considering the near dearth of themes available
for the the third openbox. 

I hope that this proverbial well of aesthetic goodness can encourage
further theme porting efforts.  As a wise man once said, it is your
civic duty!

To infinity and beyond,
Tim Riley

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