[openbox] I did not theme the deputy

David Barr dpb at clara.co.uk
Sat Aug 23 11:43:05 EDT 2003

Thanks to some sage like support and advice, i finally updated and fixed 
the earlier themes and knocked up something approaching a 'webpage' for 
viewing and selecting desired themes: 

It is a shameful arena, but who else is man enough to answer the call 
for more themes? Miklos we are looking at you with bated breath :)


Tim Riley wrote:

>Friends, Romans, Openboxers, lend me your beers,
>By now we must all be aware that the fantastic 3.0 version of openbox,
>currently in alpha, has broken theme compatibility with previous
>versions of the window manager.  So, there are a lot of quality themes
>out there just crying out to be ported.
>I have done my small effort, updating my own themes as well as ten
>others to encompass, embrace, and nearly snog the new features in
>openbox3's theme format.  They can been seen and downloaded at
>http://openmonkey.com/tr/openbox.php.  I thought that this was worthy of
>announcing to the list, considering the near dearth of themes available
>for the the third openbox. 
>I hope that this proverbial well of aesthetic goodness can encourage
>further theme porting efforts.  As a wise man once said, it is your
>civic duty!
>To infinity and beyond,
>Tim Riley

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