[openbox] Alpha5 released

Matt Michalowski mattmichalowski at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 21 21:38:31 EDT 2003

There are a couple of times I've noticed that this isn't ideal, such as when 
you resize an app which won't fully maximize for logical reasons (such as a 
terminal or gvim) and snaps back to it's maximum possible height. Here's a 
screenshot to explain what I mean:

I'm running alpha5 with the xfce4-panel (just the panel).

It's not really important, just aesthetics, I thought I'd just bring it up 

>* New and improved window maximizing! The decorations adjust themselves
>    intelligently around the window based on how it is maximized, and the
>    handle at the bottom is removed when the window is maximized fully
>    (horizontally and vertically).

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