Openbox TESTING 2.3.1 released

Scott Moynes smoynes at
Tue Apr 22 13:31:13 EDT 2003

I've released a new version of the TESTING branch of development. This
new release has some important bug fixes including better support for
Xft fonts, and crasher bugs.
If there are no major bugs found and once as many translations are
updated as possible, I will probably make it the new STABLE release,
leaving more time to focus on ob3.
A big thanks to Mike Fabian for is helpful patches and excellent
Here's the change log for those interested:
 * 64 bit fixes						(Mike Fabian)

 * i18n fixes						(Mike Fabian)

 * XFT font specification changes			(Mike Fabian and
   You can now you any standard XFT font string like	 Scott Moynes)
   those from fc-list. Styles should still be backwards

 * Fix so that if a transient is unminimized, its       (Ben Jansens)
   parents are as well.

 * Fix bug that resulted in sticky windows being        (Scott Moynes)
   duplicated in the workspace menu when they were
   uniconified and related focus bugs. (Hopefully)

 * Fix focus bug that resulted in a segmentation fault  (Scott Moynes and
   with xmms						 Ben Jansens)
 * Save tildes in rc file				(Bernhard Keppling)

 * NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN support			(Arwed von Merkatz)

 * Display titles in the workspace menu as UTF8		(Scott Moynes)

 * New german translations.                             (Acidfunk)

 * New es_AR translations.                              (Pardo)

Scott Moynes
"Computer science is as much about computers
as astronomy is about telescopes." -- Dijkstra

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