[openbox] Some themes not working.

Scott Moynes smoynes at nexus.carleton.ca
Tue Apr 22 09:03:34 EDT 2003

* vanyuan at mweb.co.za (vanyuan at mweb.co.za) wrote:
> Hi All.
> Ok, Openbox is installed, looks beatifull :-).
> One small prob though, not all the themes are working.
> The themes that arent working does not display the menu font,
> and the menus are quite bigger than the ordinary size.
> The toolbar is also bigger, but no font is displayed on there either.
> Can anyone explain this?

We might if you send us more information. What version are you using?
What operating system/distribution? What fonts are/are not working?
What locale are is your machine set to? And so on.
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