Patch: sync nls/*/Configmenu.m with nls/C/Configmenu.m

Mike FABIAN mfabian at
Tue Apr 22 12:12:17 EDT 2003

Here is a patch for a similar problem like the patch for adding
the "Remove Decoration" entry in the Windowmenu I did sent recently.

This patch is against the "openbox-2_3" CVS branch.

Most of the translated files in nls/*/Configmenu.m are out of sync
with the English version in nls/C/Configmenu.m. nls/de_DE/Configmenu.m
was apparently OK, but most others were lacking some entries found
the English version completely, therefore functions configuration
menu had wrong labels and executed the wrong functions.

Although I use Openbox in Japanese and the error was there in Japanese
as well, I didn't notice because I didn't yet use the configuration
menu. Most things were already setup as I was used to after copying
my ~/.blackboxrc to ~/.openbox/rc.

For Japanese I have added a few translations, for the other languages
I have just copied all missing entries from the English

nls/sk_SK was not installed, the patch contains a fix for
nls/sk_SK/ to install the Slovak translations as well.

The nls/hu_HU/Configmenu.m had a few non-ASCII characters destroyed, I
fixed those by comparison with the same messages in Blackbox (these
messages were unchanged since the fork from Blackbox).

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